May 15, 2020

08:45-12:30 Online Webinar


8:45-10:15 – Session 1

Sword and Shield: What is PTSD and how can the church help?

What exactly is PTSD?

  • Did you know there are 5 different symptom clusters associated with combat stress?
  • Do you need some resources to help families in your church and leaders in our country?

10:45-12:30 – Session 2

Heart, Mind and Soul: Ministering to the Muslim

  • What comes to mind when you hear the word “Muslim”?
  • What is God’s heart toward the Muslim world?
  • How can the church and our military leaders advance God’s redemptive plan all over the world?

Come and learn from leading experts in the field of PTSD and discover how to build redemptive relationships in your community and all over the world.