This fall The Centurion Project is focusing on the Great Commission, namely multiplying disciples,
multiplying leaders and multiplying churches. We are here to be on mission with your church to encourage and equip you.

On August 26th

… we are gathering a select few pastors and disciple-makers to a small collaborative event. The goal of the gathering is to investigate and adopt a very interesting Discipleship App called Small Circle. Pastor Steve Davis of Spout Springs Church in Cameron and I have been engaging with Dr. Steve Davis, the developer of the Small Circle App to see if we can make the content and discipleship labs more military-specific.

The App will potentially give us the opportunity to maintain discipleship relationships through TDYs and Deployments with Military Leaders. For more information about the Small Circle Collaborative contact Rich Culp at

On October 1st,

…Mac Lake from the Multiply Group will come and help us explore the need and potential of Leadership Pipelines with the military church. We also have 4-5 breakouts to dig deeper into the topic of leadership pipelines but also to network with other pastors/churches so that we can advance the gospel all over the world by advancing the Gospel at Fort Bragg.
This would be a great summit for anybody from your assimilation or discipleship teams to attend.

Finally, on November 2nd

… Southview Baptist Church will be hosting a Church Solutions conference which will explore what it means to be a church planting church and how we can create micro networks to plant churches around Fort Bragg.¬†

However, this conference will also help your church evaluate your starting point in fulfilling the Great Commission of multiplying disciples, leaders and churches.